Are you ready to know everything OMNIBREED? Well, here is your chance. We have gone all out. It is not a post. It is not a blog. It is a whole show! It's a show about the show that keeps you in the know. INSIDE THE O, with your host Nicole Cardamone Cannon, gives you an interview style, behind the scenes look at the people, the concepts and the progress of making the next great sci-fi, action, drama series. INSIDE THE O, your inside scoop on all things OMNIBREED.

Project Status: Episode 0: Post Production

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A young woman's life is forever changed by the words of a stranger with a powerful message and an unexpected secret.

Purpose is a unique, positive, emotional drama that reveals the power we all have in the small sincere moments that we can choose to give to others to affect a massive impact in all out lives.

We all have it. Don't miss your chance.

Project Status: In Production

Principle Photography began on April 24th, 2016

‚ÄčAn ancient elemental struggle for power breeds a division among humanity that threatens to destroy us all.

Kyle's mid life crisis boils inside of him barely held in check by the tender love of his girlfriend, Diana. As Kyle deals with his past, present and future searching for clarity, an awareness breeds within him of an extraordinary power that only he can save us from.

Project Status: Series: Pre-Production

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